About Us

We have been a supplier of optical eyeglass lenses since 1978 and have over 46 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of optical lenses. We specialize in the production and supply of special lenses, but we also produce and supply standard lenses. We also have many partners, and supply from different suppliers (in the case of very special lenses). We use the latest technology, software and machine capacity. Lens design we produce latest OIT and OPTOTECH designs.

We have come through the years. Learned, experimented, taught, searched and found new solutions. We failed sometimes, but also gained real experience from it. We are here today to share this experience so that we can see with clear eyes tomorrow. To bring you even more joy to give others good eyesight. In other words: where others swear, we can help. We have the skills, the experience and above all the will to improve your vision and meet your needs. You can order special lenses, all types of free-form lenses, EN166 F-class certified safety glasses, and much more from us.

We are happy to make lenses for you :). Thank you