How to use online ordering system

  1. Choose your preferred language for the language selection bar.

  2. Login with your own shop ID and login email.

    It is important to login, so that you can see product prices, change your customer details, and view orders that you have already made, etc. Shop ID is shop specific.

    Notice: Please Login or Register to see prices and place an order.

    Here how to register new customer:

  3. Forgot own shop ID or log in email

    If you do not remember your shop ID or login email, you can use the “Forgot Login” form:

  4. Searching for Products and View Prices

    With the search bar you can quickly find products that you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for Bifocal with 1.67 index, you can type “1.67 bifocal” into the search field:

    To see base price, need to log in first.

  5. Edit or View Customer Info

    You can click your shop name to see your own customer info our database.

    Make sure that the address and electrical invoice info is correct, and then you can save your customer data in our shipping address and invoice database.

  6. View orders or Print Job Card

    Here you can see order estimated delivery time

    Press order, so you can see order details

    Print job card

    Choose printer and print

  7. Ordering Safety Glasses

    Choose Certified Safety EN 166 glasses (only 1.53 and 1.59 index lenses) or Safety without Certified glasses (can use all index).

  8. Sort and filter pricelist by base price, product power range etc. and then view product

    You can use Search bar to filter price list show only example product, material, index etc. Like show only bifocal lenses, example write in search bar bifocal.

    You can sort by (press location) base price, SPH power, CYL power, add, prism etc.

    Then you can view product and fill rest of product info: lens powers, coating etc. to see final product price and delivery time

  9. To see Final product price and delivery time

    It is necessary fill all product info: Lens Type, Product, index, Design, Material, (tinting if have), Coating (front and back), lens powers, frame details to see Final product price and delivery time.

  10. Contact us page

    Please fill subject what message is about.
    And your message.

    You can also add file example picture, PDF file, excel file etc. to message.
    This function work also with smartphone and tablet.

  11. Order Pilot lenses

    When place order can see location of up window and how all effect lens diam. etc.

  12. How to Use Product Finder

    Start here first to select Lens Type or Design or Index or Material.

  13. Estemated delivery time and Shipping / Handling cost

    Before you press "Submit" when you place order you can see Estimated delivery time and Shipping / Handling cost. And total price.

    View Orders you can see tour orders Estimated Delivery Time and Total price of your order. After you Login.